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STOCKMAX for Dairy Cattle...

STOCKMAX for Cattle

All the same benefits that make our shavings ideal bedding for sheep apply equally to dairy cattle and calves. For dairy cows in particular, there is growing evidence that pine shavings can offer a significant advantage in helping to create hygienic, antibacterial conditions in stalls.

Natural hygiene

Research from the USA dairy industry suggests that pine shavings may help raise hygiene scores for dairy cows, and lower the risk or incidence of infections including mastitis. The logic makes sense. There is clear scientific evidence proving that pine does indeed have unique properties that eradicate harmful strains of bacteria including E.Coli and E.Faescium and prevent their regeneration for long periods.

Comfort and wellbeing

Further research in the US has also suggested that dairy cows will seek out and prefer warm, dry, supportive bedding. They know what is good for them, and again, experienced dairy farmers will understand that contented cows are not just a sentimental nicety but an important factor in optimising intake and yields.


In exactly the same way that our shavings are reported to reduce infection rates and losses at lambing time, we believe they can offer naturally hygienic help in giving calves a healthier start in life. Given the significant additional commercial value of safeguarding more calves, we think that in this respect STOCKMAX can offer you exceptional value for money.