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STOCKMAX for Game Chicks...

STOCKMAX for Game Chicks

More than 30 million pheasant chicks are reared in the UK each year, and a growing number of game farmers, rearers and gamekeepers are using STOCKMAX shavings to improve the quality and success of their results.

This is why:

Large flakes

STOCKMAX shavings are made to measure and cut large, so they’re much more difficult for chicks to attempt to eat and subsequently choke on.

Natural Hygiene

STOCKMAX is made from 100% pine, which has unique, scientifically proven antibacterial properties, and our shavings are dried at sterilising temperatures during production. So STOCKMAX shavings create a naturally hygienic bed that help keep very young chicks healthier, and reduces the need for medication such as Stalisan or Virkon.


STOCKMAX remains effective for longer than most other forms of bedding. When other beddings turn to mulch, BEDMAX shavings remain intact, dry, resilient and durable.

STOCKMAX is a member of the Game Farmers’ Association


“We had eight different samples sent to us to look at and the head keeper chose STOCKMAX, way above all of the others, primarily because of the flake size. We reared tens of thousands on STOCKMAX, and we could not be more happy with our bedding.”

Richard Larthe
Brimpsfield Park, Cirencester