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STOCKMAX for pets...


We’ve heard from people who tell us our shavings are perfect for all manner of pets, from guinea pigs, rabbits, rats and mice to snakes and reptiles. We know plenty of customers who swear by our shavings as the ideal bedding for their parrots and their birds of prey.

The All-round Answer

What are you looking for when you’re choosing the best bedding for your pets? If your absolute priority is the health and wellbeing of your animals, this is likely to be your shopping list:  Hygiene; No Dust; Warmth and Comfort; Absorbency; Dryness; Ammonia (getting rid of it).

STOCKMAX really does fit the bill in every respect, and don’t worry if you heard rumours about pine not being good for small animals. That was a scare story drummed up in the US some years ago by a bedding manufacturer who didn’t use pine. It’s completely untrue. Pine shavings are as naturally hygienic and beneficial for guinea pigs and rabbits as they are for new-born lambs, puppies and chicks.