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STOCKMAX for Sheep...

STOCKMAX for Lambing

Give your lambs a very healthy start with Stockmax Shavings.

Many sheep farmers who have switched from straw to STOCKMAX Shavings when lambing inside report dramatic reductions in lamb deaths caused by infection – especially E.coli infection.

This is why more farmers are lambing on STOCKMAX shavings:

Combating E.coli

STOCKMAX shavings are made from pine, which has unique, natural antibacterial properties. Scientific research has proved that E.coli is one of the bacteria that pine kills completely.

Reduced infection

Lower infection rates cut lamb losses and the need for expensive antibiotics.

Natural hygiene

STOCKMAX shavings are made from pine and they’re dried at sterilising temperatures.

Clean air

STOCKMAX has one of the lowest levels of dust and spores of any bedding. (Straw has one of the highest.)

A dry, warm start

New-born lambs start life on a 100% natural, purpose-made bedding that stays dry, warm and protective throughout the crucial early period.


Using STOCKMAX is worth the additional cost. Our shavings last longer than straw and save lambs, time and costs.

Consistent quality

You can depend on the consistent high quality of the shavings in every bag of STOCKMAX.

How to use STOCKMAX Shavings in the lambing pen.

With more and more sheep farmers choosing to use STOCKMAX shaving in their lambing pens as opposed to straw because of the antibiotic properties associated with pine we are receiving more and more requests as to how to use STOCKMAX.

Here are our guidelines…

  • Ensure that the individual lambing pen floor is clean and dry.
  • We recommend that each individual pens is bedded initially with a minimum of 2 inches STOCKMAX shavings.
  • The pens must be kept as dry as possible
  • Always remove any after birth
  • Water buckets should be tied to the pen to prevent spillages
  • Add approximately ½ kilo to the pen every day.
  • You do not necessarily need to empty the pen during your lambing, just top the shavings daily.
  • After use the shaving can be put onto the midden/slurry.

What people say about Stockmax…

“I’ve used STOCKMAX in my lambing pens for years. Our lambs are healthier, the shavings eliminates E-coli. Our mortality rate reduced with healthier lambs. The health bonus comes from the drier conditions and the antiseptic qualities of the pine. It definitely reduces the disease in the lambs.”

Andrew Phillips
Lamphey, Pembrokeshire

“STOCKMAX shavings are dry, easy to handle and one bags goes a very long way.  We keep the same bedding down in our sheds for the duration of the shearing period.  Our shearers always comment on how dry and clean the sheep are to handle.”

Charlie Armstrong
North Charlton, Northumberland