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STOCKMAX for Smallholdings...

STOCKMAX For Poultry

Using the right bedding can significantly reduce the health risks that can affect all poultry, from hens and chicks, ducks and geese, turkeys and guinea fowl.

Natural hygiene.

The most important benefit that STOCKMAX offers your poultry is the natural hygienic protection provided by our pine shavings. Forgive us for repeating ourselves on this point, but our 100% pine content is one of the key differences between STOCKMAX and other beddings. It’s the pine that makes STOCKMAX so effective in creating a hygienic environment for your poultry, eradicating harmful bacteria and fungi, and reducing the impact of ammonia from droppings that can cause skin, eye and respiratory problems.

Other Benefits for Birds.

Poultry keepers and game bird rearers who use our shavings tell us that the benefits they value most, other than the natural hygiene, are the almost complete absence of dust and the larger size of our shavings, which prevents chicks from trying to eat them and choking.

Our shavings absorb moisture beneath the surface, too, which helps keep the surface warm and dry, but they don’t break down and mulch.

Other Benefits for You.

All the benefits that help keep your poultry healthy obviously benefit you too, reducing the need for treatment, and perhaps helping to increase rearing rates. For people who care for animals, the health and wellbeing of those animals is a priority, but the bedding you use has to make financial sense too. We think STOCKMAX gives you the best of both sides of the cost/benefit balance – the best bedding for your animals and exceptional value for money.