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Why is STOCKMAX special?

stockmaxWe’ve been researching, developing and making our pine shavings bedding for well over fifteen years.

Our objective when we started was to make the best possible bedding for stabled horses.

But in recent years, experienced animal carers have discovered that the benefits that make our shavings the brand leader for horses also make them the ideal bedding for many other animals, large and small.

Farmers who’ve used our purpose-made pine shavings tell us they lose fewer lambs to disease in their lambing pens. Game rearers tell us they raise more healthy chicks.

More and more owners tell us they help keep kenneled working dogs in top condition, they’re perfect for poultry and caged pets, and cleaner for dairy and show cattle.

So now we’ve created a new brand of enhanced shavings and called it STOCKMAX. If you care for any of the animals you see in this website, STOCKMAX is for you.

Pine is the key


The most important factor that makes STOCKMAX the ideal bedding for all your animals is the pine timber we use to make our shavings.

People have been using pine as a natural antiseptic for centuries and modern science has recently proved they were right – pine has a unique natural ability to kill many strains of bacteria ad fungi that can harm us and our animals.

In STOCKMAX, at least 90 per cent of the shavings in every bag are pine.

Ideal bedding for ALL animals…

The essential benefits of STOCKMAX apply to all animals – natural pine hygiene, no dust, warmth and comfort are ideal for every animal from a prize bull to a much-loved guinea pig. But some benefits may be of particular importance to some kinds of animals.

Saving Young Stock

The natural hygienic properties of our shavings seem to make all the difference to animals in the earliest stages of life. Lambs, game and poultry chicks, and puppies, for example, seem to thrive on STOCKMAX. Science has proved that pine shavings have the power to eradicate potentially deadly bacteria such as E. Coli which is a known killer of young stock.

Eliminating Dust

Getting rid of dust has always been our top priority for stabled horses, but it’s just as important for any animal kept on bedding inside. Dust can cause respiratory problems for all animals, and one of the principal sources of dust is straw – still today the most common animal bedding in the UK.

Size DOES Matter

For larger animals like cattle, the larger size and resilience of our shavings creates a bed that will stand up to their weight and still stay comfortable for long periods. But our bigger shavings also create a deep, warm, well-aired, dry bed for even the smallest. For poultry and game chicks, they have an added advantage – they’re too big for very small chicks to eat and choke on.

Keeping Dry

Every bag of STOCKMAX contains large and smaller shavings. This is important, because the smaller shavings naturally percolate to the bottom of the bed. Urine and other moisture also percolates down through the larger savings to be absorbed by the smaller flakes below. This helps keep the surface of the bed dry, hygienic and comfortable. STOCKMAX Shavings last a long time, and they don’t break up and mulch.

The Evidence is Growing

There is a lot of scientific evidence already on dust as a cause of respiratory disease. Research is now exploring some of the other major problems of animal husbandry, such as ammonia and the part different kinds of bedding might play in controlling it. Evidence from the US dairy industry, for example, has suggested that pine shavings may help keep milking cows cleaner and possibly reduce infections such as mastitis.