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STOCKMAX Sponsors National Poultry Show

STOCKMAX are delighted to announce that they are to sponsor the bedding at The National Poultry Show 2015. Organised by The National Poultry Club of Great Britain and attracting over 6,000 entries this is one of the UK’s largest poultry shows.

Being held at the Telford International Centre, in Shropshire, on 21st – 22nd November the show features more than 130 breeds of Large Fowl, Bantams, Ducks, Geese and Turkeys, STOCKMAX will provide the bedding for the pens and cages.

STOCKMAX dust free pine shavings is produced by BEDMAX Ltd one the foremost manufacturer of animal bedding in the UK.  STOCKMAX was launched earlier this year to meet the growing demand for these bespoke shavings from more and more customer from the poultry sector.

The shavings produced are literally designer-made, engineered to be a mixture of large and small shavings for respectively high level comfort and absorption at lower levels. Part of the process includes sterilising, drying and dust extraction to ensure that the sources of infection are minimised.

Marcus Walker, Show Organiser, says: “We are delighted that STOCKMAX is sponsoring the show.  This very practical help will add to our success and I know will be of benefit to the show, our exhibitors and the poultry that are entered.”

The National Poultry Club of Great Britain has a long history – being formed back in 1877 to safeguard the interests of all pure and traditional breeds of poultry. The guardians of ‘British Poultry Standards’, the Club has a crucial role in safeguarding stock bloodlines which have been maintained for generations.

Bedmax has been manufacturing its shavings for 15 years, initially to produce a dust and disease-free bedding for horses. It was quickly a popular product, and has travelled round the world. Now it is the leading manufactured bedding brand in the UK. It is now widely used by poultry and animal owners, including sheep farmers, and gamekeepers, who prize its consistency and ease of use.

Tim Smalley, Managing Director of BEDMAX adds: “The poultry industry is a growing sector of the market for us and through our national network of retail outlets we now supply breeders the lengths and breadth of the country. The National Poultry Show is undoubtedly the leading event of its kind in the UK and we are delighted to have the opportunity to provide all of the exhibitors with STOCKMAX for their cages.”

STOCKMAX shavings are produced by BEDMAX Ltd, which produces BEDMAX shavings for the equine industry. BEDMAX has held a Royal Warrant from the Queen since 2008, and has regularly topped the polls as the UK’s most popular horse bedding. It has also been a recipient of the BETA UKTI Award for outstanding export achievement.

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