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STOCKMAX for Working Dogs...

STOCKMAX for Working Dogs

Any working dog kept in kennels will thrive on a warm, dry, dust free, comfortable bedding with the added natural antibacterial properties of pine shavings. Gun dogs, hounds, sheepdogs, the working dogs of our world need the best we can give them to perform at their best.

Natural Hygiene.

For dogs, just as for every other kind of animal we know have been bedded successfully on our shavings over the years, our priority is to help safeguard health, and the key to that is in the pine we use to make our shavings. It isn’t an old wives’ tale. Pine really does have an inherent combination of uniquely powerful properties that kill off a very wide range of potentially harmful bacteria and fungi. That’s why we make STOCKMAX shavings from 100% pine, to give your working dogs the best possible naturally hygienic protection.

Rest and Comfort.

Working dogs need proper rest to function at their best. Our shavings are warm, dry and comfortable, and they stay that way for a very long time.

We cut our shavings larger than most you’ll find on the market, and these larger shavings help make a STOCKMAX bed deeper, more aerated and more resilient for longer. But every bag of STOCKMAX also includes smaller shavings that serve an essential purpose: they percolate down to the base of the bed and absorb any moisture there, keeping the surface layer dry, warm and free from ammonia.